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Our Pricing

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With minubo, you get Tech and Tools in one Solution

From the integrations and the ETL process across a flexible analytics database with a built-in commerce data model to the tools you need for a data-driven work culture: No matter whether you choose the Application Suite or the Store Monitor – there's always a full BI tech stack included with the tools.

Application Suite

More Info on the Tech
More Info on the Tools

The pricing of our Application Suite is composed of two components: A monthly subscription fee depending on criteria like your annual GMV, processed data volume and number of required interfaces as well as a one-time onboarding fee calculated from the complexity of your setup (regularly, the onboarding fee is between 15.000 and 40.000 €).

If you don't fit our price ranges as you're still a startup or exceed 100M€ revenue, let's talk!


3.110per month


4.580per month


6.525per month


8.475per month


Differing Prices

I have more than 100M€ GMV. What do I have to pay?

No problem – many of our customers have. Let's talk.

I'm still a startup! What about me?

If you match our startup criteria, we'll find a solution for you. Let's talk.

I use another currency – what are my prices?

We have a USD and GBP pricing as well – just contact us and we'll send it over.

Cost & Terms

Is there something like a setup fee?

As stated above, we charge a one-time onboarding fee calculated from the complexity of your setup. Regularly, the onboarding fee is between 15.000 and 40.000 €.

What kind of payment terms are the stated prices based on?

Our pricing is built on the premise of annual pre-payment.

What does the Store Monitor cost?

The Store Monitor costs 80€ per store per month. Prices per processed data volume are calculated with your general minubo setup or calculated individually, if you choose the Store Monitor without the Application Suite. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.


What does "GMV" mean?

GMV is the Gross Merchandise Value of Orders – meaning: the cumulated value of all orders before cancellations and returns.

What does "Data Credits" mean?

Data Credits are the unit we use to calculate a customer's processed data volume. The formula looks like this:

# Data Credits = # Data Rows / 1.000 + MB Disk Storage

To help you estimate your required Data Credits, don't hesitate to contact us.

What does "Interfaces" mean?

The number of interfaces equals the number of systems we connect to minubo for you. ERP, web tracking and email marketing? 3 interfaces it is.

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