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A Smart Solution for Smart Commerce Businesses


Traditionally, BI tends to be a generic data integration infrastructure plus some generic analytics and/or reporting frontend. But minubo is not traditional BI: It's Commerce Intelligence – providing built-in intelligence on all solution levels. Tailored to commerce businesses.

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Based on our long-term experience in commerce and analytics, combined with the expert knowledge of our 150+ customers, we built a curated solution tailored to commerce businesses.

INTERFACES | We know commerce software inside out – and built minubo to handle all their data.

DATA MODEL | Classic retail, brand or marketplace: If you're commerce, our data model is built for you.

TOOLS | Customer segmentation, campaign analyzer, top seller report: We have the tools that great commerce is built on

AUTOMATION | Leverage our APIs that were built to serve your commerce use cases. 

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Don't waste your time with analyses that a machine can do on its own: Let minubo do the heavy lifting and just utilize its insights and recommendations. Saves your time for achieving actual results.

RECOMMENDATIONS | Customers to reactivate, products to reorder, returns to reduce: Uncover additional value potential with minubo.

CUSTOM ALERTS | Whatever you need to be alerted on: Set it up once and stay on top of things.

INSIGHTS PAGES | Key insights tailored to your role – for a perfect start into your data-driven work day.

SCHEDULED REPORTS | Provide your team with data where they're used to check often – their inbox.

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minubo consolidates your business data and makes it easily accessible for both people and systems. Utilize that powerful data infrastructure to build your data-driven business.

360° LINKED DATA | Leverage minubo's holistic database for smart decisions and smart processes.

FINEST GRANULARITY | Model your entire business with minubo's extraordinary processing capabilities.

FLEXIBLE QUERYING | Utilize your data in every way you need to – minubo can provide everything.

REAL-TIME UPDATES | Powerful processing enables real-time updates for special use cases.

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Leverage artificial intelligence or machine-learning applications to take your processes to the next level – minubo provides the data that is so urgently needed for all of that.

RECOMMENDATIONS | Run advanced sales with apps that keep learning about your customers.

SALES PREDICTIONS | Real-time sales predictions enable new strategies and boost your business.

MARKETING OPTIMIZATION | Automate marketing mix and spendings to achieve maximum ROI.

AGILE LOGISTICS | Smart apps for rerouting and delivery prediction ensure fast shipping and manage customer expectations.

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