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minubo Culture Code

This is how we work together!

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Together with the whole team, we developed this culture code for our company – consisting of seven statements and one condensed headline. Externally, we want to make visible what defines us a team and company. Internally, the Culture Code is meant to serve as a framework that guides us in our daily actions and decisions – the bigger ones and the smaller ones.

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Constantly Evolving to Build a Great Company.

We support each other, motivate each other and celebrate successes together.

TEAM SPIRIT. We value the fact that we are not lone fighters, but pursue our mission side by side. That's why we experience success and failure together – by jointly celebrating what we achieved as well as motivating and supporting each other in what is difficult.

We all take ownership –
 and respect the ownership of others.

RESPONSIBILITY. We appreciate that we're all responsible for our company and its success – regardless of our role and position. That's why all of us take ownership of tasks and projects whenever it is needed. Conversely, we accept when someone else is in charge and makes decisions that we might have made differently.

We are open to feedback 
and honor our "best argument counts" policy.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS. Nothing is carved in stone – no matter whose opinion, idea or approach it is about. That's why we always seek the feedback of our colleagues, customers and partners and don't hold on to our opinion when the best argument is not on our side.

We build our relationships
 based on respect, honesty and trust.

INTEGRITY. We believe that stable and healthy relationships are not only the key to business success, but also take us furthest as individuals. That's why we approach our colleagues, customers and partners at eye level and always strive for integrity towards each other.

We grant our customers' needs 
a high priority in our actions and decisions.

CUSTOMER FOCUS. We build our product for our customers. Only if we stay attentive to their needs will we succeed as a company. At the same time, we are aware that there are goals that may not correspond with our customers' ideas – that's why we are always looking to balance them with the well-being of our company as a whole.

We think and act data-driven to increase efficiency and achieve better long-term results.

DATA-DRIVENNESS. We believe in the power of a data-driven approach to business decisions – not only for our customers, but also for the success of our own company and product. That's why we set clear, measurable goals, keep track of our KPIs and are guided by them in all areas of our business.

We are all individuals –
 and always considerate of each other's personal lives.

HUMANITY. Nobody is just a team member or just an employee – everybody is a person above all else. That's why we value each other as individuals, with all our strengths and weaknesses, and respect the priorities that each of us has beyond working life.