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The Commerce Intelligence Cloud.

The Only Enterprise BI as a Plug-and-Play Solution.

Made for Commerce Companies – Retailers and Manufacturers, B2C and B2B.


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Leverage Your Data Like You Leverage Your Budget

Your data is like your budget: Use it in a purposeful way and you will boost your results. minubo helps you do just that: It consolidates and cleans data from all systems and provides you with analytical and operational tools to turn it into value. Throughout all business areas.

minubo – INTERSPORT – International Sports Group
minubo - Avocado Store – Fair Fashion Marketplace
minubo – tesa – B2B Manufacturer
minubo – Betty Barclay – Fashion Brand
minubo Commerce Intelligence Cloud – Full-Stack BI

Tech and Tools in One Solution:

Your Full BI Stack Out of the Box

Be ready to have your mind blown by the most efficient BI project you've ever experienced: With minubo's Commerce Intelligence Cloud, you get both a tech stack and a tool set in one solution. So you can build your data-driven organization within weeks, not years.

Tools for Every Role

Analysts, operational specialists, strategic decision-makers: minubo increases excellence on all levels.

Best Practice Data Model

minubo provides a unique data model for brands and retailers of all industries and business models.

Unified Data for all Systems

minubo solves the key challenge of every digital strategy by being the Single Point of Truth for the entire company.

Scalable Cloud BI Stack

Our scalable analytics cloud enables efficient processing and real-time queries on all analytical levels.

Customization Platform

Our platform offers individual data pipelining, plugins and apps to customize any company's setup.

Extensive Expertise

Our long-term experience in retail and analytics is reflected both in our product and our services.


Learn how INTERSPORT_banner_mark_RGB uses minubo:

Data-Driven Across all Channels – INTERSPORT Sets New Standards for the Industry.


Build Your Data-Driven Organization With minubo

From CRM to Category Management, from Strategy to Operations, from Headquarters to POS: With minubo, employees from all areas make better, data-driven decisions and establish better, automated processes based on data.

Strategic Decision-Makers:

Easy Reporting

Track the performance of channels, departments or the entire business by leveraging pre-built reports. Easily build custom dashboards yourself and automate processes for sharing them.

Business Analysts:

Flexible Analytics

Answer every analytical question without having to collect and clean your data first: With a fully accessible commerce data warehouse and flexible analytics tools.

Operational Specialists:

Actionable Insights

Work with data easily without being an analyst: With proactive insights and action recommendations as well as straightforward segmentation tools and easy access to detail data.

3rd-Party Systems:

Process Automation

Use our freely configurable feed API to integrate data into 3rd-party systems like email marketing or recommendation engines so that you can build intelligent, automated processes.

Blog Post on The Inconvenient Truth:

"Make or Buy" Business Intelligence?

The Truth is: Buying Brings the Better Solution – Faster and Cheaper.


Blog Post on The Inconvenient Truth:

Individually Developed BI is Overrated.

The Truth is: 80% of BI Requirements in Commerce are Identical.


Learn More About Our Products

minubo offers everything you need to build a data-driven organization: A full BI stack and tool set, a tablet app for your data-driven POS as well as a broad portfolio of consultancy and services.

Your Full Stack & Tool Set:


Dashboards, ad-hoc analytics, segmentation, proactive insights & more: Get the full tool set based on a complete BI infrastructure...

Your POS App:


Easy data access at the POS: With our mobile app, you establish better, data-driven decision-making right where you meet the customer....

Your Trusted Companion:


We support you in building your data-driven company – with various kinds of consultancy, enablement and managed services.

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