minubo is the Commerce Intelligence Company for omni-channel brands and retailers. With our technology and services, we solve the top 3 challenges that commerce companies face in becoming data-driven in an omni-channel environment: strategy, people and technology.

Before we started developing (and, ultimately, founded) minubo in 2013, we had already spent five years with building on-premise Business Intelligence solutions for eCommerce organizations of established brands like s.Oliver, KICKZ, Deerberg or Flaconi. During those projects, we built a lot of expertise that we used to develop our Commerce Intelligence Suite minubo: An insights & analytics cloud solution that is tailored to the requirements of commerce companies and bundles comprehensive best practices from all our customer projects. Since 2016, we also have a strong consulting branch that we launched with its own brand GoProactive in early 2017.

Our mission is to turn commerce companies into data leaders to make them succeed in our omni-channel world!



Lennard Stoever

Co-Founder, CEO


Lennard Stoever – CEO

“Online retailing without data analysis is like flying without instruments. Not crashing is a matter of luck in the long run.“

Head of BI at frontlineshop, BI project manager in a Joint Venture with the Schulte Group as well as co-founder and CEO of the nextel Business Intelligence Solutions GmbH: Lennard looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the BI domain. As minubo co-founder and CEO, he is responsible for the product strategy and the coordination of the development process. For Lennard, Business Intelligence is not primarily  an IT project, but a change management process towards the establishment of a data-driven business.

Michael vom Sondern

Co-Founder, CSO


Michael vom Sondern – CSO

“Online markets are highly competitive and call for much more than a good idea and a nice shop. Make better decisions and grow more efficiently! Data-driven.“

Michael brings a lot of experience in the Marketing and Sales domain: He is a former international market manager of the Beiersdorf AG having worked in Asia, South America and the United States, and he also has an entrepreneurial background being a co-founder of the nextel Business Intelligence Solutions GmbH. As a minubo co-founder, Michael is responsible for strategic development in Marketing and Sales. His mission: international partnerships – to make minubo the global standard for intelligent data analyses and action recommendations.

Ole Golombek

Co-Founder, CTO


Ole Golombek – CTO

The fierce competition in online business makes any retailer require fast and scalable analysis solutions. The challenge we go for is to provide such a solution both technologically flexible and professionally qualified.

From the creation of the web frontend and the development of standard interfaces up to the conception and implementation of the technical product strategies: Thanks to Ole, minubo is constantly at the cutting edge of technological innovation. As founder and managing director of trewys GmbH, Ole is an expert when it comes to web applications and business solutions. With minubo, he now wants to redefine the IT standards for eCommerce: An online shop‘s minimum requirements of technology? Shop system, ERP system, web analytics and minubo.


Andreas Stief



Anne Golombek

VP Marketing & Sales


David Cellnigg

Product Manager


Tobias Helfrich

Key Account Manager


Frank Langanke

Vice President Operations


Jonas Christiansen

Business Development Manager


Tobias Bräcker

Junior DevOps Engineer


Karima Rasaki

Public Relations


Lasse Klüver

Key Account Manager


Matthias Schulz

Vice President
Consulting & Technical Integration


Ramya Pavan Kumar

Senior Developer


Roman Korba

Senior Developer


Ryan Myer

Senior Developer


Sabina Mierzowski

Marketing Manager


Snezana Razavi

Accounting Manager


Shalimar Wagner

Team Assistent


Silvio Bauer

Software Developer


Volker Golombek

Senior Developer


Sven Rothe

Senior Developer


Tim Bridge

Senior Vice President
North America