The eCommerce Analytics Cloud

Actionable Insights for Brands that Want to Grow Faster

The eCommerce Analytics Cloud

Actionable Insights for Brands That Want to Grow Faster

With minubo, you establish a data-driven work culture throughout your eCommerce organization. Surpass your growth targets with analytics you will actually use!

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Betty Barclay
Rituals Cosmetics


Betty Barclay

With minubo, you establish a data-driven work culture throughout your eCommerce organization. Surpass your growth targets with analytics you will actually use!

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Drive Growth With a new Generation of Analytics!

Offer a Unified Brand Experience Across Channels:

Omni-Channel Intelligence
for Your Omni-Channel Brand


Customers don’t see channels, they see brands. Therefore, it’s key to deliver a coherent brand experience that fits the unique needs of the individual at every point in time – no matter where or when the touchpoint between your customer and your company takes place. minubo’s Omni-Channel Intelligence can make that vision come true.

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Stay in Control With Timely Alerts from Your Analytics:

Business Insights That Matter –
Pushed to Your Device


If you strive to build a data-driven organization, you shouldn’t have to reach out for the data – the data must come to you. This is what our new alert and incident management functionalities are all about: We have the data being pushed to your device, ready for immediate action across your team. And not just any data – we make sure it’s information that matters.

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Easy-to-use Analytics for a Broad User Group

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Maximum Campaign Performance

Measure marketing performance and optimally allocate budgets among channels and campaigns – for higher sales and more new customers.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Intelligent Customer

Work with intelligent customer segmentation to build a targeted communication – for longer lifecycles and improved brand loyalty.

Shop Management

Shop Management

On-Page Promotion

Understand buying behavior, improve customer experience and optimize product promotion on your web shop – for fuller carts and higher conversion rates.

eCommerce Controlling


Full Business Transparency

Monitor business performance at a glance – on operative and aggregate level. Easily share reports with colleagues and superiors.

See how Rituals Cosmetics Uses their Data for International Success

Selling digitally in over 20 countries requires insights about country-specific buying behavior, product preferences and marketing performance in order to take the right actions for growing the business. Rituals achieves that with minubo’s process-supporting analytics cloud.

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Profit from Guided Analytics That Boost Your Growth

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Make Better Decisions With Data

Today’s online markets are rough: Everyone has to haul out the big guns to stay in the game. Hence, smart decision making based on data is not an option anymore: It is crucial to survival. Outperform your competition by building a data-driven work culture!

Hassle-free Technology that Scales as You Grow

Young and fast-growing eCommerce organizations need powerful and scalable software solutions, but they usually do not have the capacity to handle the huge technical infrastructure required. Good news: We handle the technology, you do the business.

Ready-to-use Analytics Tailor-Made for eCommerce

No need for time-consuming KPI crunching or laborious definitions of what metrics and reports you actually need: minubo integrates shop and web tracking data and comes as a ready-to-use solution that captures exactly the knowledge that eCommerce organizations require to sustainably grow their business.

Benefit from our Integration and Consulting Services

Adopting a new tool can be quite a hassle. We forestall that hassle with our professional change management services: With our help, you will seamlessly integrate minubo in your staff’s daily work routine and quickly establish data-driven processes. Also, our experts can take care of the complete technical implementation process for you.

Test minubo – 14 days for free!

With minubo, young eCommerce organizations establish a data-driven work culture and make better decisions in order to over-accomplish their growth targets. Find out what minubo can provide to your company by registering for our free demo!

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Martijn Cornelissen Rituals for minubo

“minubo shows us how essential working with data is for a company‘s success. Especially in the area of international business where it is of crucial importance in order to keep an overall view of customers, products and marketing campaigns in 20 countries.“

Martijn Cornelissen, Global eCommerce Manager at Rituals Cosmetics