Comprehensive, holistic reporting is the basis to optimize your business processes. How can you perform targeted analysis and deduce the right action recommendations from the results of analysis? We woud like to show you based on some use cases we created in cooperation with our customers.

How to Work With eCommerce Analytics

Online Marketing

minubo Google Adwords Budgetverteilung

In Google Adwords, revenues are considered as an indicator of good or bad keyword performance. But this picture is a blurred one – due to returns, cancellations and high costs of sales, good-selling keywords actually can record low or even negative contribution margins.

With minubo, you can allocate your Adwords budgets based on contribution margins (before and after campaign costs) and thus target different goals – for maximum profit or maximum outreach.

minubo Google AdWords

Online Marketing

eCommerce Markeitngkanäle richtig steuern

Newsletter, SEO, SEA, price comparison: Every marketing channel is characterized by specific features and potentials. Accordingly, every channel requires individual management to achieve maximum results.

Where do high returns, cancellations or sales costs occur, which assortment is selling well in which channel, where can margins be increased significantly by promoting certain product groups intensively?

minubo Marketing

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eCommerce cohort analysis

Returning customers are essential for every online shop as they ensure profits in the long term. Collecting and analyzing customer data is the first step towards an optimized marketing mix for long-term customer retention, because insights into repurchase behavior of certain customer groups enable the marketer to address existing customers individually and thus gain their long-term loyalty.

So – what data is necessary to understand my customers’  repurchase behavior? And how can I deduce the right action recommendations?

Category Management

eCommerce minubo Absatzkanäle steuern

Returns continues to be a problem that burns a hole in almost every online retailer‘s pocket. On the other hand, high margins provide an outstanding leverage to make profits increase significantly.

The question is: Which products or product groups record high returns or contribution margins? Do these metrics turn out to be channel specific or do they affect all channels? Where do I have to adjust assortments to open up unexploited profit potentials?

minubo Absatzkanäle

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