Successful first year for Hamburg’s technology-startup: minubo’s eCommerce Business Intelligence solution on a growth trend

Hamburg, December 3rd 2013. The Hamburg startup, minubo, positions itself as the innovative pioneer for intelligent data analysis and successfully ends its first year in the market: After only a few months the guys from the Elbe received a seven-digit seed investment for their Business Intelligence cloud solution, specifically developed for online shops, and also count to the winners of the coveted German Silicon Valley Accelerator program. The goal for 2014: internationalization.

At the end of the year, the minubo team along with the founders Lennard Stoever, Michael vom Sondern, Ole Golombek and Dennis Heinbokel, recorded a consistently positive balance with highly promising growth prospects for 2014. To the groundbreaking success of the up-and-coming, young business, are included: an award from the Europe-wide operated London Seed Investment Fonds Seedcamp in February, a seven-digit Seed Invest from notable German and American investors in August, as well as winning the German Silicon Valley Program in October – a government-funded initiative for the successful establishment of selected German technology firms in Silicon Valley.

“This year has been turbulent as well as successful” resumes founder and director Michael vom Sondern. “We are very excited about the great interest in minubo. It shows us that we provide online shops with the solution for their large data problems.” minubo is a standarized cloud solution which is specifically created for the complex demands of the eCommerce industry. The innovative product is also for medium-sized online shops quickly and cost-effective implemented and offers extensive reporting on a holistic database to refine the control method of various business processes. Those who are interested can convince themselves, in 2014, of the success-promising concept from Hamburg: The minubo team will be represented at the plentymarkets online retailers’ congress in Kassel and the Internet World in Munich.