The minubo Store Monitor

Your Data-Driven Point of Sale

It’s time to give your store staff the same chance to optimize business results as you give your online marketing team. The good news: Everything it takes is to provide them with relevant data insight – POS reporting, benchmarking data, product performance figures, customer profiles. The minubo Store Monitor will do that for you. And you’ll see it in the numbers.

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Best Practice POS Reporting

Only if your staff understands how your store performs and why, they’ll be able to do everything within their power to support a successful development.

Company-Internal Benchmarking

With benchmarking data from other company stores, your staff will see what’s possible to achieve – and do what they can to at least achieve the same.

Full Insight Into Product Performance

Many key decisions made in stores are about products – reorders, sellouts, promotions. Access the required data via a barcode scanner as quickly as easily.

Easy Access From any Mobile Device

Data is not only needed at the cash point, it’s needed where your staff does their work – so basically everywhere. That’s why data insights must be mobile.

minubo Store Monitor with Store Staff

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Experience the minubo Store Monitor!

Find out if the minubo Store Monitor is the right tool for your store business: In this video, we talk about best practice use cases and demonstrate some core features like benchmarking, product reports or the barcode scanner to show you how the app helps your stores live up to their full potential!


Higher Sales, Better Service:

Smarter Decisions From Reorders to Promotions!

Targeted Promotions
Empower your staff to run targeted in-store promotions by granting them full insight into product performance.

Excellent Service
Offer excellent customer service by providing your staff with access to each customer’s purchasing history and preferences.

Successful Cross-Selling
Enable your staff to identify cross-sell opportunities for each product and leverage them instantly.

Optimized Stocks
Ensure that your staff makes the right purchasing decisions by keeping full transparency on stocks and turnover.

Omni-Channel Transparency
Empower everyone to understand synergies between store and online business, so they’ll be able to leverage them.

Easy Benchmarking
Provide transparency on performance data of other stores to enable your staff to learn from each other.