Your Data Tells You How to Boost Your Business

Why Commerce Reporting & Analytics are Crucial for Commerce Success

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today’s online business is rough: The market is full of players who want a piece of the pie, so everyone has to haul out the big guns to stay in the game. Hence, making smart decisions based on data is not an option anymore: It is crucial to survival. If you act too slow, others will not hesitate to grab what you leave on the table. Don’t wait any longer — outperform your competition with smarter decision making now!

Web Analytics are not Enough

No, minubo is not like Google Analytics – it is much more: minubo unlocks the data that is stored in your shop, POS, OMS or other systems and integrates it with data from web analytics. On top of that, we can even enrich that data with e.g. marketing costs or budget figures. Accessible through a web application which is both easy-to-use and supports your actual work processes, this data provides all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Make Smarter Decisions With Data. Every Day.

You probably have to achieve ambitious growth targets in order to increase brand reach and revenue. Better not spend budgets relying on gut feeling then – get the team to make smart decisions based on data. Every day.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing
Maximum Campaign Performance
through Optimized Budget Allocation

No matter whether it‘s about more new customers, fuller carts or higher customer lifetime values – the answers to how to get maximum value from your marketing budget are in your data. minubo puts them on your table, you just have to pull the triggers!

  • Net Profitability Analysis: Stop wasting money with unprofitable campaigns.
  • SEA Keyword Tools: Maximize SEA results with process-supporting optimization tools.
  • Social Ad ROI: Monitor and optimize your Social ROI without any KPI crunching.
  • Attribution Models: Get a differentiated view of marketing touch points.
Breakeven Analysis by Marketing Channel

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Effective Customer Retention
through Smart Segmentation 

Building a loyal customer base boils down to the question of whom to target when, and with which campaign and products. And again, it’s all in your data: By using smart segmentation analyses, longer lifecycles and improved brand loyalty are no longer a game of chance.

  • Smart Segmentation: Segment customers by attributes & behavior and build a targeted communication.
  • Buying-behavior Analysis: Select best products & incentives to advertise to each segment.
  • List Exports: Create segments and send newsletters without losing time in between.
  • Customer Lifetime Values: Track campaign success and systematically increase customer equity.
Customer Segmentation

Shop Management

Shop Management
Higher Conversions and Fuller Carts
through Optimized On-Page Promotion

It’s all about carts and conversion rates. That’s why minubo provides full transparency on both: Monitor which products are in demand, which kind of promotion works best and how to get customers to pack their carts full – without abandoning them during checkout.

  • Product Segmentation: Segment products by sales, profit, clicks, ABC cluster and more.
  • Cross-promotion Optimization: Increase cart value by using patterns in product preferences.
  • Pricing Policy: Make smart decisions about which products to adjust in price or put on sale.
  • Landing Page Performance: Increase conversions by detecting and fixing landing page issues.
Acquisition Product Category Correlation Matrix

eCommerce Controlling

Full Business Transparency
with more than Web Tracking Data

minubo gives you what you need: More than web tracking. Monitor business performance in regard to web analysis, customers, sales and overall performance on aggregate and operative levels and easily establish data-driven workflows with your colleagues.

  • Plan Figure Imports: Define targets and budgets for the organization and for every department.
  • Discount Calculation: Calculate and optimize how discounts & promotions affect revenue & profit.
  • Shipping Parameters: Find the ideal setup for (international) shipping methods and fees.
  • Payment Reports: Monitor the impact of payment methods on key metrics.
Revenue Report

eCommerce Executive

eCommerce Executive
Convenient Reporting that gives you
full Insight in no Time

To make overall strategic decisions, stay informed about employee performance, report to corporate superiors and keep things moving forward, you need a best-in-class reporting solution giving you all the information you need in no time. Good news: minubo can do that.

  • Flexible Dashboarding: Easily obtain insights on aggregate and operative levels.
  • Corporate Reporting: Report revenue and spend to parent organization without manual effort.
  • Export & Sharing Options: Share information with employees & superiors at the click of a mouse.
  • Country Transparency: Monitor and compare business development in different countries.
eCommerce Executive Dashboard