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If you are searching for a method to have your team make the right day-to-day decisions, then the minubo Heartbeat is exactly what you need: It proactively informs people about business risks and opportunities and provides out-of-the-box action recommendations on how they can increase business value. Sign up and we’ll show you!

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“I like to compare the minubo Heartbeat to a Facebook timeline: Your data posts its status about what’s going on in your business – and recommends action to improve results.”

Lennard Stoever
CEO, minubo

No Time for Analysis?
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Inform Your Decisions With Insights That Matter

Ready-to-use Automated Reporting

If every decision in your team’s day-to-day work becomes a good decision, this will be worth a fortune summed up over a couple of days and weeks. The only thing you have to do: Enable the entire team to work data-driven.

You say nobody on your team has time for data analyses? Well, with the minubo Heartbeat, all relevant data insights are proactively pushed to your team – so everyone can finally start getting things done and really boost your brand’s growth.

Proactive Action Recommendations
& Effective Incident Management

Boost Productivity With Relevant Data Insights

Proactive Action Recommendations

Our intelligent algorithms detect unused value potential and proactively recommend action to leverage it – without having to dig into masses of data to maybe detect an opportunity to realize additional revenue.

Also, business risks are identified automatically and proactive alerts inform the team in time. Delegation, collaboration and controlling tools do then ensure that issues get resolved as quickly as effectively.