Your Customers’ Omni-Channel Journey at one Glance!

Store, online shop, email, mobile – by now, customers move very fast across and within different channels which leaves commerce organizations with no overview at all. In this webinar, CEO Lennard Stoever presents how minubo enables commerce organizations to map and understand their customers’ omni-channel journey – illustrated with specific customer cases.

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minubo Kundensegmentierung mymuesli

Product Release Webinar: How mymuesli Builds Perfect Customer Communication

Great sales are all about customer segmentation – our customer mymuesli knows this. To solve the intense challenges in a personalized customer communication, mymuesli is using the new minubo feature. In this webinar, together with mymuesli we’ll present how the minubo customer segmentation revolutionizes customer relationship management and how it contributes to higher sales and a strong brand loyalty.

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How to get the most out of your Holiday Season Sales

In our Demandware & minubo partner webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage simple data insights to significantly increase Christmas revenue. Monitor and optimize the whole funnel – from acquisition or reactivation until conversion.

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Maximize Marketing Performance with Customer Journey Analysis & Attribution Modeling

Wrong campaign valuation can lead to millions in wasted marketing budgets. In cooperation with the experts of AdTriba, we put together a webinar, that reveals how to maximize your marketing performance by using customer journey analysis and attribution modeling. 

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Product Release Webinar: The minubo Heartbeat

Today’s commerce businesses will only withstand competition, if they have productive teams that make the right decisions in their day-to-day work – based on data insights. The brand new minubo Heartbeat enables your organization to do just that: It analyses your data and proactively informs your team about business risks and opportunities – as well as how to leverage them. This webinar will give you an exclusive look inside this new feature.

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The Ultimate Guide to Data-Driven Customer Loyalty

Mastering the challenge of creating long-term brand loyalty among existing customers is today’s key challenge. In cooperation with experts from Antavo we created a webinar, that will help you gain a deeper understanding on how to build data-driven customer loyalty. 

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