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How to Make Your Commerce Intelligent!

Thanks to years of cooperation with commerce companies of various sizes and focusing on Business Intelligence as well as analysis and reporting best practices, we were able to gather and enhance a lot of know-how all about the data-driven work in commerce. We would like to share our know-how with you – in the form of SmartPapers, blog posts and much more!


Valuable knowledge for a data-driven work culture in your commerce company – from metrics to analysis methods all the way to concrete application examples.

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First-hand commerce best practices and minubo product tours enhance your knowledge about the daily work with our commerce intelligence solution.

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minubo Product Evolution – the Commerce Intelligence Suite for Omni-Channel Brands & Retailers

During the past years, minubo has gone through an exciting evolution process! Meeting the wishes that have been expressed to us, we created this webinar to tell the story of our changed value proposition and to discuss the meaning of the quite new term Commerce Intelligence and it’s differentiation to traditional Business Intelligence. 

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How do I achieve maximum profit from my AdWords’ portfolio? What does good eCommerce reporting look like, and what differentiates the monthly reporting from the weekly and daily reporting? In our SmartPapers, you will find the answers in a compact format and available immediately to download.

Maximum profitability in Online Marketing: How to optimize Google AdWords budget allocation
Successfully managing online shops – how do I keep an overview? Transparency through Best Practice eCommerce Reporting 

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