German startup convinces international investors:
Seven-figure seed invest for eCommerce Business Intelligence solution minubo

Hamburg, September 12th 2013. minubo – the Business Intelligence cloud solution for online shops – kicks off with an international set of investors and a seven-figure seed invest: Well-known german Business Angels such as Alexander Bruehl, as well as Investment companies like High-Tech Gründerfond, Seedcamp Investments and US Investor Tola Capital have made their commitments.

As ecommerce companies face rapid growth, the possibility of using terabytes of data and intense spikes in demand, they require a solution that can meet all of these challenges without imposing costly and complex IT demands. minubo is the pioneering solution that meets all of these needs, as a centralized data hub that provides visibility into the key metrics needed to run an ecommerce business. Delivered as a SaaS solution, it is ready to run within hours. This includes: automated reporting based on aggregated data, best practice metrics, detailed ad hoc analyses for a fine-tuned optimization of strategic and operational business processes.

“Small and medium sized online shops do not have the IT resources, the budget nor the time to set up their own ecommerce analytics solution,” says Lennard Stoever, CEO. “We are filling this gap by offering minubo, as a service, which is up and running within a few hours and is specifically tailored to their online commerce needs.”

minubo was founded by a team of experienced ecommerce experts. As builders of custom ecommerce solutions they are deeply familiar with the technical and business demands of online shops. Customer and business Angel Dirk Graber (Founder and CEO of Mister Spex) says: “A key factor in working with the minubo team was our confidence in their deep expertise in developing ecommerce analytics. We see the value they have delivered to our business – over two percent in net margin per year – and the potential value they can deliver to other customers in the future.“

To ensure optimized scalability of the solution’s Data Warehouse, minubo makes use of the most recent data technologies found in the market, delivering analytics based on an extensive capable of dynamically responding to shifts in demand. minubo also provides connectors to draw in data from multiple sources, offering insights combined from multiple tools and parts of the business.

“We continue to see rapid growth in the online retail market and the emergence of new players every day. minubo as a cloud ecommerce analytics solution addresses this enormous market potential”, adds eCommerce pioneer and minubo investor Stephan Schambach (Founder and Chairman, Demandware Inc.). “The nearly instant value of data insights that minubo provides directly to business users is vital to the success of growing of ecommerce companies.”

Stacey Giard (investor at Tola Capital, Seattle) explains what convinced her in particular: “We were impressed by the ecommerce expertise of the minubo team and the early wins that they achieved. We see the potential for the business to grow, as every online shop needs the ability to uncover hidden value that is within their data. minubo surfaces the metrics and KPIs in a great dashboard experience, while also providing the ability to dive deep into the data.”