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How to Maximize Marketing Performance

With Customer Journey Analysis & Attribution Modeling

Wrong campaign valuation can lead to millions in wasted marketing budgets. In cooperation with the experts of AdTriba, we put together a webinar, that will explain the core of this problem and reveal how to maximize your marketing performance by using customer journey analysis and attribution modeling.

False investments are most often the result of using wrong attribution methods like e.g. “last-click-wins". Actually, 86% of advertisers in the digital marketing industry are using this method and thus consider the last contact before sale exclusively – but not only the goal scorer gets the trophy at the end of the match, the whole team needs to be rewarded for the victory.

This is what you'll learn:

  • How to choose the right attribution model
  • How to implement customer journey analysis in practice
  • How to increase profitability by using algorithmic attribution models

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