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The Foundation For Your Data-Driven Business


minubo is not only tools in a frontend. It's also a powerful technology that consolidates your business data and makes it accessible for both people and systems. Use that to build a connected infrastructure that enables data-based operations and automation in 3rd party systems as well as proper functioning of your AI applications.

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What does the graphic show?

minubo integrates all kind of data from your source systems into its analytics database. In the bottom section, the graphic shows the types of data that you can choose to be included from e.g. your order management, your commerce platform(s), your web tracking and marketing systems. So what you see, basically, is this: If you make use of its full capability scope, minubo reflects your entire commerce business. Learn more about minubo's data integration here.


All the data that minubo integrates from your source systems has to be brought into one big coherent data model so minubo's various tools and, ultimately, the user can make sense of it. Learn more about minubo's data model here.


From the minubo analytics database, the consolidated data can be utilized in two basic ways: By minubo's frontend itself and by any other application you choose – via standard interfaces or custom APIs that you can easily build yourself with our data feed builder. These two ways offer manifold possibilities that are all about data insight (e.g. data visualization or analytics) and data-based action (e.g. automated processes in your marketing systems). Learn more about the minubo frontend and its tools here. The various forms of data utilization in external systems are explained on the page you're already on, just scroll down a little.

SINGLE POINT OF TRUTH | minubo's consolidated data base is your basis for all reporting and applications.

DATA QUALITY | minubo turns your fragmented source data into a reliable basis for processes and decisions.

ACCESSIBLE DATA | Utilize minubo data to build smart processes via standard interfaces and custom APIs.

AGILITY | Execute new strategies quickly: minubo spares you to link your data – everything is already there.

Data is not the Highest Good of Digitalization.

The Truth is: Data is Worth Nothing Without Data Competence.

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Utilize Your Data Outside minubo

Fuel your systems with minubo data to establish smart processes and automation. A connected data infrastructure with minubo as its core is your foundation to succeed as a truly data-driven business.

Marketing Systems

Leverage minubo's 360° customer profiles with included order history and journey data to run personalized campaigns.

  • Email: Leverage holistic customer data for tailored email lists and content.
  • SEA: Use fine-tuned customer segments for remarketing or similar audiences.
  • Display/RTB: Improve your biddings by including returns and contribution margins.
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Commerce Platforms

Utilize minubo's consolidated customer, order and product data to run targeted promotions at your point of sale.

  • Search: Fuel your shop search with data – to personalize results or support sales goals.
  • Up- & cross-sell: Provide recommendations that fit your customers' previous purchases.
  • Offers: Only give out vouchers or discounts where they create actual value – for you.
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Further Systems

Basically every system gets smarter with smart data. So let your mind run free to improve your processes with minubo.

  • Marketplaces: Optimize offering and promos with performance data from all channels
  • Reordering: Automate reorder processes based on combined inventory and sales data 
  • Loyalty: Fuel your loyalty software with order and journey data to build better campaigns
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External Reporting & Analytics

If you use reporting and analytics tools like Tableau or Power BI,  just keep using them – with better data provided by minubo.


Masai uses Power BI with minubo for ad-hoc integration of other data sources as well as ad-hoc calculation of custom measures.

Embedded Dashboards & Reporting

Enable your team to see their data right where they work: with minubo dashboards or reports embedded in your systems.


NewStore supports their customers with minubo dashboards right within their omni-channel platform.

External AI & Machine Learning Modules

Just bought some AI application that's still missing a proper data base? Just connect minubo and it will do its work just fine.


With minubo data, the adtriba AI for customer journey attribution unfolds its full potential for our joint client base.

Create Your Own APIs

Building an API has never been so easy: With the drag & drop interface of our data feed builder, you pull data directly from minubo's analytics data base.

  • Pick measures and attributes and set up filters to fine-tune your data set
  • Download your data or...
  • ...query it via a dynamic URL in your chosen format (e.g. csv, xml, json, html) and with your custom settings (language & characters, authentication, privacy etc.)
  • Refresh your URL connection to always get the most recent data

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