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The Application Suite

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Plug and Play: Our Tools Come With the Full BI Tech Stack

The Application Suite is our comprehensive web-based tool set that enables your entire organization to establish better, data-driven decision-making and intelligent process automation. As opposed to so many other tools, ours come with a full BI tech stack included. It's plug and play – the enterprise way.

minubo Commerce Intelligence – Application Suite

Everthing You Need to be Data-Driven – in B2C and B2B Commerce

To enable a truly data-driven work culture, our Application Suite comprises tools for all roles and use cases – with specialized setups for both B2C and B2B companies. No matter if you're a strategic decision-maker, an operational specialist or a business analyst in any commerce company: minubo has got the tools that suit your way of working with data.

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minubo Commerce Intelligence – Application Suite

Tools for all Roles & Use Cases

Easy Dashboards & Reports

Strategic Decision-Makers: Enable true transparency for your commerce business – with best practice reporting and custom dashboarding.

Flexible Ad-hoc Analytics

Business Analysts: Leverage 360° business analytics without any integration or preparation effort – full flexibility on raw data level.

Actionable Data Tools

Operational Specialists: Enable a truly data-driven work culture with tools like our proactive insights stream or fully flexible customer segmentation.

Feature Overview


Self-Service Dashboards

Easily monitor the performance of channels, campaigns, categories or your entire business – with custom dashboarding easy to use for everyone. Shareable via web app and schedulable for email dispatch.

Pre-Built Report in minubo

Best Practice Reports

In cooperation with our customers, we've developed a set of standard reports that are key for managing commerce businesses. All your metrics with the click of a mouse! Exportable to XLS and PDF.

Report Builder in minubo

Report Builder

Think of your easy and lean Google Analytics report builder – then you're quite close to what minubo has to offer. Holistic reporting on all your business data made easier than ever before.

Web Pivot for Ad-hoc Analytics in minubo

Ad-Hoc Analytics

Our flexible web pivot enables everyone to find answers to their questions immediately. Easily pivot huge amounts of data across all metrics and dimensions to gather valuable insight and make informed decisions.


Easy Segmentation

No matter if it's B2C customers or B2B company customers – target them better than ever by segmenting across all data points: demographics, transactions and journey. Easy to use, easily exportable, directly connectable to your systems.

Proactive Insights & Recommendations in minubo

Heartbeat: Alerts

Stay informed about business risks and opportunities with our Heartbeat, the proactive insights stream. Best practice alerts and an alert configurator serve your data-driven work culture on a silver platter.

Custom Insights Pages in minubo

Custom Insights Pages

They're a milestone for enabling a truly data-driven decision culture: With our Custom Insights Pages, everyone gets their personal minubo start page, thereby enabling smooth workflows based on their most relevant KPIs.

Single View Pages in minubo

Single View Pages

X-Ray your business with a 360° view on all object entities. By summarizing all relevant information on e.g. customers, products or channels, our Single View Pages provide full insight into every corner of your business.


...and there's more to come!

One of the best things about SaaS solutions is that you don't have to expensively upgrade to new versions of a product. Buy minubo once and all future features are included!


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The Data Feeds

Our feeds provide you with a unique possibility for using fully consolidated business data to make processes and systems more intelligent.

Pull data directly from your minubo Analytics Data Base by picking and filtering metrics and attributes via an easy-to-use selector. With that, you get your dynamic feed URL and can choose the format you need (e.g. csv, xml, json, html). Just refresh your URL connection to get the most recent data every day.

Popular use cases:

  • Feed data to Excel, Power BI or other analytics/visualization tools

  • Feed enriched campaign data back to Marketing systems

  • Feed selected products to recommendation engines

The Plugin Builder

Our Plugin Builder allows you to create custom tools in a very quick and comfortable way – with just a few simple lines of code.

If you have a specialized use case that could be served more efficiently than with the standard minubo tools, this is the way to cater to your individual needs while still making use of the minubo infrastructure and data base.

Example: Running a curated shopping business, one of our customers required a tool that would help them select products that are unlikely to be returned – matching their customers specific body characteristics. With our Plugin Builder, this was an easy problem to solve.

minubo Commerce Intelligence – Plugin Builder