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The Store Monitor

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Plug and Play: Our Tools Come With a Full BI Tech Stack

The Store Monitor is our easy-to-use tablet app that enables your POS staff to make better decisions in their daily work. As opposed to so many other tools, the Store Monitor (just like our Application Suite) comes with a full BI tech stack included. It's plug and play – the enterprise way.

minubo Commerce Intelligence – Store Monitor

Your Data-Driven POS

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By providing every employee with easy access to relevant business data, the Store Monitor is taking retail to the next level. The days of data access being a privilege for people at desks are definitely over!

Insights on brand, category and product performance as well as the performance of the entire store enable your staff to make better decisions during their daily work – for example, deciding which brands to promote or which SKUs to reorder. A barcode scanner makes their lifes even easier by providing relevant insights (such as a product's stock level) right where they talk to the customer.

Learn how INTERSPORT uses the Store Monitor

POS Reporting in the minubo Store Monitor

POS Reporting

Easily monitor the performance of your stores. Compare your stores with one another or benchmark them against previous time periods.

Product Performance in the minubo Store Monitor

Product Performance

Always keep track of how well you sell by easily drilling down into product lines or brands, across categories and products, right down to the individual SKUs.

Barcode Scanner in the minubo Store Monitor

Barcode Scanner

Save time and effort by gaining insight into product performance or stock levels with the barcode scanner which is built into your Store Monitor.

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