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Your BI solution is lacking ETL processing?


As a full-stack BI solution, minubo comes with a built-in ETL process, a platform for custom pipelining as well as manifold interfaces for smooth integration into your existing system landscape. Also, we provide full-service cloud hosting to keep you free from any efforts.

This is how these components are part of minubo's full BI solution:


Integrated ETL Process

minubo’s high-performant ETL process enables us to feed data from all kinds of source systems into our data base – via standard interfaces or our Generic API. Through its setup on Apache Spark, a framework for big data processing, our ETL is fully scalable and provides high stability with all amounts of data. This technical strength is complemented by our specialized expertise: Thanks to our broad customer portfolio, we have already modeled all commerce data structures and can implement the right configuration for your source data in no time at all.

COMMERCE-SPECIFIC | Thanks to our extensive experience, our ETL is tailored to commerce cases. We know your data structures and can process them as quickly as reliably.

STABLE | Reliability is key to analytics – we provide that both in terms of infrastructure stability and processing accuracy.

SCALABLE | Lean back and be happy about your growing business – minubo is ready for your growing data volumes at all times.

AGILE | No matter what source systems you might want to connect in the future – our modern infrastructure enables immediate implementation.


We know them inside out: Commerce platforms as well as retail-specific order management and marketing systems. That makes us the experts to build your commerce data infrastructure with minubo as its core.

Standard Interfaces

We keep developing standard interfaces to a variety of systems commonly used in commerce. As these enable a simple plug and play approach, your team has no work in setting minubo up for your company.

  • WHAT: In- and outbound
  • HOW: Plug & play
  • WHO: We do the work

Generic API & Pipelining

With our Generic API, we get all your commerce data into minubo, no matter what. Our pipelining platform gets your source data into the right format, provides pre-processing transparency and enables a custom setup. 

  • WHAT: Inbound
  • HOW: Data exports from your source systems
  • WHO: We do the integration and pipelining, you or your service provider set up the exports (or: book a minubo service)

Feed API

With our data feed builder, you pull data directly from your minubo data base. Via dynamic URLs in your chosen format (e.g. csv, xml, json, html), you can leverage it e.g. for external reporting or process automation.

  • WHAT: Outbound
  • HOW: Feed selected data sets into your systems via dynamic URLs
  • WHO: Self-service via our data feed builder (or: book a minubo service)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
ROQQIO Commerce Cloud
Futura Retail Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics Navision
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Full-Service Cloud Hosting

As a state-of-the-art tech solution, we want to provide our customers with maximum efficiency in terms of performance, operations and cost – that’s why minubo is hosted in a fully scalable cloud environment at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The result: You pay just a fraction of what you’d pay for your own hosting environment and we do all the work for you. Sounds like a good deal, right?

(COST-)EFFICIENT | Serving many customers at once, we can make use of major economies of scale – that leads to low costs and a highly efficient processing infrastructure for everyone.

SCALABLE | Our cloud setup is built to grow with you. A flexible infrastructure of distributed computing clusters ensures that the system remains fast and stable with every amount of processed data.

MAINTAINED | Don’t worry about hosting. We do all the work, you won’t even notice.

SECURE | Amazon Web Services works with the highest standards of data protection and security. We leverage that to fulfill all your requirements to security and compliance.

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