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Terms & Conditions:


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General Terms and Conditions for the "Recruit a Friend" Form:

  • I hereby explicitly declare, that I personally contacted the the recommended person before the discussion of the recommendation and that he/she agreed to submitting the recommendation. Furthermore, the recommended person agreed to be contacted by minubo after the recommendation has been submitted. He/She explicitly requests to be contacted via E-mail, Telephone, Xing or LinkedIn
  • I am aware that my name, as well as my E-mail address, will be forwarded to the recipient of the recommendation and agree to the transfer of this information.
  • If a “Recruit a Friend” recommendation results in an employment contract, then the intermediary will receive a premium amounting to 1,000 €  for their successful recommendation, after the recommended person completes 3 months of uninterrupted company employment. The intermediary is liable for taxation.
  • The premium is due after the recommended person has completed the 3 months of uninterrupted company employment. The payment will be transferred in the fourth month after the start of employment.
  • The intermediary is required to acknowledge the receipt of the premium, which is to be sent to the company minubo GmbH in form of a written confirmation.
  • Any candidate that finds themselves already in the application process will not be considered. The priority rule will be applied for any candidate with multiple recommendations. Persons that already have been recommended or have sent in their own application are considered to be in the application process. The relevant date is the date the application is received.
  • The participation in the program is limited in time. The recommendation is valid for 6 months after entry. If the conclusion of the employment contract occurs after the valid time period, then the intermediary has no entitlement to the premium.