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Der Selbsthilfe Podcast für alle Daten-Betroffenen

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Two guys from the north, one mission: to educate about data usage and refute half-truths and buzzwords. And that's what they do, in collaboration with Podstars by OMR, in their new German podcast format Datenkasper.

Lennard and János invite inspiring guests from the field. Companies such as tesa, FreeNow, Nyris, Modomoto, Jochen Schweizer or Project A have already seen the podcast booth from the inside and given exciting insights into their 'world of data'.

One thing quickly becomes clear: data is everything but boring. See or better hear for yourself!

Listen now!

The format: is for anyone with an interest in Data, AI or digital technologies in general.

The mission: to educate on data usage and make the data buzzword bingo more concrete.

The hosts: Two data experts and data startup founders Lennard Stoever (CEO minubo) and János Moldvay (CEO adtriba).

If you're interested in some reading material in addition to the podcast, you'll find it on the Datenkasper blog. There, the two hosts talk about topics from the field of Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and analytics, many of which have been driving them around for years. 

Datenkasper Blog