That’s How You Successfully Bring Your Brand Portfolio to B2B Customers:

Brightpearl-Seller VeloBrands increases its sales through efficient ordering and individual KPI reports for each B2B customer

VeloBrands Onlineshop


The Shop: VeloBrands

The CEO: Will Miles

The Products: Bike Equipment & Apparel

The Business Model: B2B (approx. 400 customers) & B2C (approx. 2,500 customers)

The Sales: $5.6 million dollars per year

Systems Used: Brightpearl, Magento & Google Analytics

Application: Individual support for B2B customers targeting their commitment to the whole VeloBrands brands portfolio

The Problem

Will Miles has significant sales to his B2B customers, but he knows that not all his customers know and buy all VeloBrands brands. Unfortunately, with only the backend data from his Brightpearl system he has no chance to capture the current situation and to improve it in a target-oriented way.

“We knew that we needed formal reporting which enables a sustainably effective overview of our data, but we hadn’t sufficient BI capability to implement it by ourselves, we thus thought about employing somebody to do this for us – but then, my Brightpearl contact brought minubo into play.”

Will Miles, CEO

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The Solution

In order to have transparency into his customers, brands and product portfolio, Will Miles opts for minubo. With one click he now has all the analyses and reports available that tell him how completely each of his B2B customers uses the VeloBrands brands portfolio, such as reports about sales and revenues of his brands or analyses about the brand order behavior of his B2B customers.

As a Brightpearl technology partner for analyses and reports, minubo can be seamlessly connected to the existing system and is available with a flick of a switch.

“Having minubo connected to our Brightpearl system, we feel that we finally get the currently important insights we need: individual reports per retail customer, sales forecasts, inventory analyses, comprehensive management reporting that can be drilled-down to operative level. For instance, before our sales people call a retail customer they have the possibility to review his individual KPI reports – to provide the customer with valuable info about his business and to point out where he can increase his revenue by doing business with VeloBrands. That’s a profitable win win situation!”

Will Miles, CEO

VeloBrands Will Miles

“In regard to my KPI’s I’d rather spend my time on interpreting and deducing further actions than wasting my time calculating them!”

Will Miles, CEO VeloBrands

The Goals

In order to ensure his analysis works with minubo as efficiently as possible, Will Miles set some specific goals:

  • Long-term relationships with B2B customers strengthened through active promotion of their sales growth: Will would like to offer each of his B2B customers exactly the brands and products that sell well for them – increasing sales strengthens the commitment of his customers to his company and brand portfolio.
  • An individual brand-commitment report for every B2B customer: This way Will can see an overview of which customers use which brands and how intensively – and where unused sales potential sleeps.
  • Use sales prognosis and order more efficiently: Based on the minubo shopping reports, Will Miles can precisely determine his need for goods. Say goodbye to expensive shopping decisions based on a gut feeling!
  • Manage stock keeping more economically: By determining the order requirements more exactly, he would also like to solve two problems regarding the stocks: supply difficulties for popular products as well as the accumulation of difficult to sell unpopular inventory.

First Successes

Even before the first ROI assessment, after a few weeks or months Will Miles made a big success.

  • High cost savings: Will saves by not having to pay for an expensive analyst who laboriously has to calculate the company KPIs from fragmented Brightpearl and web analysis data.

Next Steps

“The next few months are going to involve me and my team making sure we fully understand the capabilities that minubo gives us in combination with our Brightpearl system and making sure we take the correct action to maximize the returns from our investment – it should be fun!”

Will Miles, CEO

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