Sell Digitally in 20 Countries:

That’s how Rituals Cosmetics uses their Data for International Success

Rituals Onlineshop

Rituals Onlineshop


The Brand: Rituals Cosmetics

The Shop:

The Decision Maker: Global eCommerce Manager Martijn Cornelissen

The Product Line: Home & Body Cosmetics

Systems used: Demandware & Google Analytics

Main field of application for minubo: International Planning & Controlling

The Challenge

A brand goes online

With large brands it is a typical situation: The companies are solidly established in the market, grow fast and eventually set up an online shop that – carried by the strong brand – goes through the roof from day one.

However, in order to maintain this strong initial growth and also keep up with the competition online, a different expertise from that which currently exists in the company is required: employees with online know-how are needed and they require a basic set of key data and KPIs for decision making – with this knowledge they can manage the online business successfully.

The existing reporting infrastructure is not enough

Maybe there is a company-wide Business Intelligence (BI) system in place, but its reporting infrastructure is not necessarily suitable for digital sales: online everything is measurable but a traditional BI neither communicates with online shop platforms, nor with web analysis. Additionally, the integrated reporting capacities of a conventional online shop platform at best only let your IT personnel see the secrets that are slumbering in data silos.

20 countries in one shop: Keeping a digital overview

So what needs to be done if you sell online in 20 countries and know that customers from different countries exhibit completely different buying behavior (of course!) – but you have no way to find out what these patterns look like because neither your online shop platform, nor your order management system or company BI, provide the most basic information you need?

Rituals Cosmetics: From data transparency to international success

Home & Body Cosmetics seller Rituals found themselves facing the same problem. In order to provide his employees with a reporting solution that is specifically customized to the needs of digital sales, Global eCommerce Manager Martijn Cornelissen opts for minubo – and, for the first time, starts to get an overview of customers, products and marketing campaigns in the 20 markets being served, with the help of a few simple reports.

Martijn sets the following goals:

  • The performance of different countries should always be transparent
  • Customers should be approached based on their buying behavior – in every country
  • The management of marketing channels should be adapted to the country-specific Customer Journeys
  • Product lines should be managed in a country-specific way

Learn how Martijn reaches these goals with only a few basic minubo reports!

“minubo shows us how essential working with data is for a company‘s success. Especially in the area of international business where it is of crucial importance in order to keep an overall view of customers, products and marketing campaigns in 20 countries.“

Martijn Cornelissen, Global eCommerce Manager

Would you also like to control your international business in a data-driven way?

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Analyzing and devising the steps to take

Goal 1: The performance of different countries should always be transparent!

The Analysis

A basic feeling for the performance of individual countries is revealed in reports that have the most important key data shown in an overall view, variably filterable for different time intervals.

  • Where are the highest order values?
  • Which countries have the most active customers?
  • How full are their shopping carts?


The Action

Where patterns and trends become apparent in country performance, there should be deeper analysis – that‘s how root causes as well as chances for higher sales, or greater sales reach, are identified. Based on this, it can then be decided which markets to invest in further – both financially and strategically.

Invest budget and manpower in markets that are worth it! 

Order Value per Country_Active Customers per Country

Simple reports with the most important key data provide a basic overview. 

Customer Segments per Country

With a few clicks in the minubo Excel frontend, Rituals builds a distribution list for a reactivation newsletter targeted at particularly profitable existing customers who haven‘t bought anything for a long time. 

Goal 2: Customers should be approached based on their buying
behavior – in every country!

The Analysis

Customers have to be approached based on their wishes and expectations in order to maximize their buying probability. This applies to country-specific buying cycles and product preferences as much as to the status of the customer in the life cycle. For example, a country segment can be divided according to the following criteria:

  • How often has the customer bought already?
  • When did they order last?
  • How profitable are they?

The Action

Based on different criteria, for every country Rituals defines several customer segments.  These segments can then be used, for example,  for separate addressing via newsletter – a newsletter to reactivate first-time buyers or a newsletter for building loyalty with particularly profitable existing customers (see example report). The category reports (Goal 4) also reveal which customers from which countries prefer which products.

Approach customers individually and maximize their buying probability!

I really like the tool! It gives me the right insights by combining data from different sources.“

Martijn Cornelissen, Global eCommerce Manager

Goal 3: The management of marketing channels should be adapted to country-specific Customer Journeys!

The Analysis

In order to customize marketing channels so that they meet the country-specific Customer Journeys, there has to be transparency about which channels in which countries are particularly relevant to which part of the Customer Journey.

  • Which channels in which countries serve primarily as entry points into the Customer Journey (First Touchpoint)?
  • Which channels in which countries typically lead to sales (Last Touchpoint)?

The Action

Channels that perform well as a First Touchpoint should intentionally be used in the respective countries in order to initiate new Customer Journeys.  Channels that prove to be good Last Touchpoints or Assists should be used more as FollowUp-channels. On the other hand, marketing budgets should be saved where channels for specific parts of a Customer Journey evidently perform poorly.

Caution: This approach can of course only be used comparatively where marketing channels are used internationally in a similar way! 

Save marketing costs where channels don‘t work!

Marketing Channels Performance per Country_kurz

A Touchpoint report based on countries gives information about typical Customer Journeys. 

Category Sales per Country

A report about order values in product categories gives information about country-specfic product line preferences – easily put together in the minubo Excel frontend. 

Goal 4: Product lines should be managed in a country-specific way!

The Analysis

In order to identify country-specific product preferences, a report about order values in product categories is helpful – broken down by individual country. The report can then be switched among the individual product hierarchy levels, or even filtered by individual products.

  • What are the top categories in every country?
  • Which categories in which countries sell poorly to not at all?

The Action

The goal of the analysis should be to recognize and understand the product preferences of international customers. This knowledge can then be used to optimize the product placement in the shop or in the marketing media in every country – this increases order values and keeps the customers at it. Room for country-specific customization is also provided by the shop‘s internal search function.

Identify the top categories of every country and make more sales! 

The additional value of data-driven
international business

With minubo, completely new possibilities open up for Martijn in managing his Digital Commerce: For the first time, he can profitably use data that slumbers in the depths of his systems and maximize value. This not only simplifies the daily work routine of his employees, but also, it provides his international customers with a better brand experience.

Rituals Store
  • Stop investments based on gut feelings: For the allocation of resources to each of the national markets, Global eCommerce Manager Martijn no longer has to rely on his gut feelings: Money and manpower decisions can now be made based on significant key data, and therefore, systematically invested in markets that – according to the goals – achieve high sales and revenue or significantly increase the reach of Rituals.
  • A customized brand experience in an international business: American customers are attracted to different products on the shop homepage than German customers – and they, in turn, are attracted to different designs than French customers. Similarly, customers from different countries expect to be addressed differently when it comes to marketing media – and this not only has to do with preferred products, but also, with typical buying cycles, creative aspects and last, but not least, the choice of language. Of course, not all 20 countries can always have a customized brand experience (such an investment is not worth it for all markets!), but the most profitable countries should definitely be considered for this in order to strengthen sales.
  • Where KPI-Crunching becomes unnecessary, there is more time for measures: With minubo, for the first time the Digital Commerce Team at Rituals has reporting available that, at the push of a button, delivers exactly the key data and reports that each particular department needs for their daily decision making. This makes laborious KPI-Crunching using manually gathered and confusing tables unnecessary and saves time for every single employee. This time can now be used profitably for the interpretation of data and international strategy planning.

Do you want to offer your international customers a customized experience, too?

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