Omni-Channel Intelligence for Your Omni-Channel Brand:

Drive Growth by Leveraging Synergies Between Web, Mobile & Store.

Do you want to make the omni-channel paradigm “buy anywhere – fulfill anywhere” become a reality and turn your customers’ multi-channel journey into one holistic brand experience? Then you will need one thing first of all: A unified, analytics-centered system architecture that allows you to obtain a 360° view of your customers and channels. Once you have that, you will meet your customers’ individual needs at all times – no matter whether touchpoints take place online, mobile or in store.

Powerful omni-channel intelligence that unifies and utilizes data from your various systems makes that vision come true.

Omni-Channel Intelligence

Unified Reporting
For Full Transparency
Gain a holistic view of your business with comprehensive web, store and mobile reporting. Understand how channels interact in regard to customers, products and regional impact.

Unified Customer Journey
For 1:1 Marketing
Understand how customers experience your brand and support their omni-channel journey at every touchpoint. With one central data base holding 360° customer profiles, 1:1 marketing across channels becomes a reality.

Unified Operations
For Maximum Efficiency
Let customers buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere. Predict behavior and ensure smooth execution of operations. Monitor order volume and product performance across channels and adjust local stocks in time.

Accelerate Omni-Channel Excellence

Key Success Factors for Building a Strong Omni-Channel Business for Your Brand

Omni-Channel is not just one of the big buzzwords commerce organizations are confronted with. It is far more than that – especially when it comes to putting your brand ahead of the competition. In our new SmartPaper we will provide you with the most important information about building a strong omni-channel strategy.

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Omni-Channel Intelligence Provides a 360° View of Your Business:

Customers, Products, Transactions, Operations

Stay Ahead of the Competition With a Comprehensive Omni-Channel Setup!

Tailored Omni-Channel Strategy

In joint workshops, we will determine your strategic goals and develop a tailored omni-channel data strategy for your company. Use our experts’ extensive expertise to outperform the competition on the omni-channel road.

Centralized System Orchestration

Together, we will align the tailored strategy with your existing system landscape – with the minubo Analytics Cloud as the architectural centerpiece. Integrate data from various sources and automatically trigger action in operative systems.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Continuously monitor success with our advanced analytics frontend. Customizable dashboards, specialist reports, detailed analyses and proactive alerts enable you to verify project ROI as well as to constantly improve workflows and results.

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Meet with our experts to discuss your business goals and focus topics. Jointly, we will develop a tailored omni-channel strategy and define the most promising use cases to implement within your systems, team and processes.

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